Pumpkin Patch

P U M P K I N  P A T C H

Over the weekend we went to the pumpkin patch! I've been looking forward to taking Vivian back and taking Finn for the first time. We usually head to Bates Nut Farm, our absolute favorite, but since it's a bit of a drive we figured Pumpkin City would be a better fit this year. Esp knowing Finn hates his car seat and Vivian can't sit still for too long either! Much less stressed mama equals happier mama ;) 

We've never been to Pumpkin City so it was completely new to all of us, and perfect enough to get that real pumpkin patch feel, and keep a toddler entertained! Win, win! They had a little store filled with everything pumpkin themed, from candy to toys to decorations! We ended up leaving with a cute little pumpkin bracelet for V and a sweet pumpkin rattle for Finn. They had tons of cute props to stick your face in which were really fun and absolutely hysterical when Chase would hold Finn up to them. He is so relaxed his face is always just like "alright, i'm here. You guys think this is cute, go ahead & get your laugh in" Haha. Along with that, they had a few rides & a few games, a puppet show & a petting zoo. Surprisingly the pigs were not Viv's favorite, the ponies were!

See what I mean about that face? Haha! Oh his expressions are just too good. We got a smile out of him on tractor too so I think he was just playing with us ;) We ended up taking 2 pumpkins home with us, one of which Viv painted as a kitty and the other we still have to carve! I think October is by far the month that has FLOWN by. We have her preschool twice a week and they always count the days and I couldn't believe we're more than halfway through the month. I mean I swear it just was October 1st?! 

After the pumpkin patch, we ate lunch and headed home when Chase started to feel really bad and we ended up in the ER with him. Thankfully everything was okay and good, he just ended up taking a supplement that didn't sit well with him. Talk about the longest day EVER. Also this weekend, heaven gained a wonderful man, my great grandfather. He will be so greatly missed and I wish he had gotten to meet Finn, but am so grateful for the time he had with us and Vivian. 

On a lighter note, I am so behind on Halloween costumes, I'm starting to freak! Vivian is set on one thing, and one thing only which I'm excited to share with you guys! I honestly have no clue where she got this idea, but we'll roll with it! Whatever makes them happy, right? If you're going as a family theme, share! I'd love to hear your ideas and am looking forward to seeing everyone's on Instagram! (@leasims) I'm off to find these costumes for everyone, if you haven't found your costumes yet either, happy hunting!