Shop Share // Three Poppy Threads

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the new month so far! I'm sharing another one of my favorite shops, Three Poppy Threads. Three Poppy Threads, owned by Stephanie Pate, is for the classic and modern girl and is also hand made right here in Southern California.

Stephanie is wife to her 5th grade schoolmate and is a stay at home mother to three sassy girls. She loves the ocean and has lived by it her entire life. She is inspired by her daughters, her love for the salty sea, and her love for all things vintage. Each piece is made with lots of care and attention, and she hopes all of you love what she does as much as she does! You can also follow her Instagram @thesaltytribe. 

Viv and I love the petite school girl bows. They match absolutely everything. In fact, I usually have one at the door, one in my purse and Viv usually carries one and keeps it in the backseat with her, haha. Another thing I love about Three Poppy Threads, is that they're different & delicate patterns that make them super unique. Another amazing thing, this dress. I'm a sucker for dalmatian print, and paired with the mustard is absolutely perfect for Fall! No matter what you choose from the site, I know you will be satisfied! Stephanie is so sweet, and made a discount code just for my blog friends! I've listed it down below so if you do order something, be sure to enter it to save a few bucks! Have a fun Saturday!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT // Use the code "LEASIMSBLOG" for 10% off your first order! Happy shopping!