5 Months Of Finn

I remember the day we welcomed our precious boy into the world like it was yesterday. He has grown so fast and more and more of his personality appear each day. We love hearing his laugh when we tickle his left side under his arm, the way he chuckles when Vivian cries (such a brother), the way he nuzzles his sweet head full of peach fuzz under our neck, and all those rolls. Every single one. He has been nothing but 5 months of double the love and double the fun. He's working on both bottom teeth and they are finally peeking through so there is now an end in sight. 

He is definitely a morning person. When he hears Chase get up in the morning to get ready for work, Finn is not far behind and that's become their little father/son bonding time. I love to lay in bed, snuggled with Viv, and listen to them play & giggle downstairs. Finn is also getting a lot stronger. He loves this jumper Chase's parents got him, and it's hilarious to watch him bop back and forth when he gets excited. One thing he does not get excited about though lately is his car seat. Since he was born he's always done as well as to be expected in it, but for the last few weeks he can't stand it unless he's sleeping. I'm starting to think it maybe because he's teething and just wants that extra comfort of mom and dad along with his toys? He's such a snuggle bug I honestly wouldn't be surprised. 

Finn also can roll from belly to back, and then back to belly. He reaches for everything to put in his mouth, and is always smiling at Vivian. Other than that, he's sleeping mostly through the night and has to be the easiest to please. And can we talk about that one right dimple? Swooning over this little squish always. We love you so much Finn man!