Holiday Gift Guide // Girls Boots

 Tis the season for crazy, stressful shopping shenanigans! No doubt, this is my favorite time of the year as with everyone else but it can be so chaotic! This year, so far anyways, the majority of our Christmas shopping has been online. I'm finding that the less I have to put the kids in their carseat, the less miles I have to drive, the traffic I don't have to sit in, the better off all of us will be, haha. As a side note, I'm totally proud of myself that I'm roping in the gifts early this year instead of waiting until the last minute! 

I've been making wish lists on a few different sites to send out to our families, and while at Nordstrom got completely sidetracked, what's new, with all of the shoes! Viv is completely obsessed with shoes, more so than ever to the point she wants to sleep in them, haha. So of course one, maybe two of these will be under the tree for her but the hard part is deciding which ones! I absolutely love all of these for different reasons and wanted to share our favorites with all of you! 

Nordstrom has become one of my absolute favorites for shoes for the entire family, and let's be honest... everything else there is pretty great too. Boy mama's don't worry, I rounded up my favorites for the guys as well that I'll be sharing soon! I'd love to hear/see what shoes may be on your little ones lists this year! Happy shopping friends!