Oh Deer!

Now that we're basically, pretty much, almost in the most wonderful time of the year there is no doubt there will be plenty of plaid, fur, metallic shiny things, and well ... deer. From reindeer to moose, they are everywhere but that's kind of a given for this time of year. What made me want to make this post today of all things I'm loving that are deer related started in .... Can you guess? If you guessed Target you know me too well ;) They thought it would be a great idea apparently to bring out all of their Christmas decor. Now, why they thought that was a good idea this early on, I'm not sure. But it did leave me wandering down the isle trying to justify why I needed every single thing. Damn you Target. Every. single. time.

Anyways, back to the deer. This one particular section was filled with the most colorful, fun, and festive pieces. Everything from miniature pastel trees to colorful felt garland, a modern colorful countdown calendar to those bright deer printed pillows. They really outdid themselves this year. I totally pictured it in the playroom with the felt garland, and miniature trees on the table in there. See where I'm trying to justify why I needed all of it? ;) But it lead me to take a step back while marking my favorites shopping for both the babies. Tons and tons of deer related things are popping up, and there's so many good items I wanted to share with you all! We got both Viv and Finn these Cuddle & Kind dolls in the deer and I'm so excited for them to come in. They are for such a good cause too by providing 10 meals for every doll they sell. It's really amazing and I love businesses that give back so if you haven't already, check them out!

I hope you guys stop by Target and check out not only the really colorful section, but every section! As always, I'm warning you but I mean who really goes in there and doesn't go look at the holiday stuff? ... and leave with half of it? Haha! 

Happy Saturday, my "deer" friends!