6 Months Of Finn

Half a year old already and counting! Our little guy is growing like a weed and I absolutely love watching him learn everyday. I swear though, the second time around they grow so much faster! I don't know whether it's because my attention is split between both Finn and Vivian, but I feel like I literally blink and he's another month older. This month has been so incredibly busy, I feel like we're constantly on the go between holiday parties, our normal errands, and the crazy Christmas rush in general has my head all over the place so it comes to no surprise that the 16th snuck up on us! 

Finn has been trying sweet potatoes this month and isn't so sure about them quite yet. He'll give me that "that's not milk" look, and then I'll say something like "is it good buddy?", him probably thinking "what the hell do you think woman?" and then he'll proceed to smile like "yes mom, it's great" ... and then repeat. Haha. His personality is really playful and so so sweet. He is definitely a mama's boy and always wants to be held, but is such a flirt with the ladies when they give him attention!

I get a lot of comments in person about him always being happy and the most easiest baby. And it's so true.  I thought Vivian was an easy baby but I can sit him down for a minute if I need to help Viv with something, or clean the kitchen, or whatever the case may be and he's just like ok mom, I'll wait here.  He has two teeth and poor guy is having a rough time with those gums! 

He I believed weighs 21 lbs, so he is starting to slow down but he is still very big and chunky for his age. I'm thinking he's slowed down a little because he's starting to sit up, not completely on his own yet, but he is moving around a lot more. He also got a new carseat because his infant one only went up to 22lbs, and he absolutely hated that seat. I loved it because it was easy for me, and lightweight, but I hated going places because I knew he would pitch a fit. Thankfully he loves his new seat that matches Vivian's.

I can't wait to see more of his personality unfold within the next month, and maybe even a little crawl ... or inching ;)