Elf On The Shelf Ideas

This year we brought back the elf and even though she doesn't have a name quite yet, or one that stays the same I should stay, Vivian is loving her! We had the elf out last year, but she didn't really understand so we didn't move her, haha. This year I have to remind myself to go and switch her out so that Viv can wake up to find her! 

I have to include that I'm loving these "25 reasons elf forgot to move" because let's be honest, it can be stressful trying to remember to move them and come up with a cleaver scheme for them to be doing! I do admit, it is very well worth the stress to watch her come down the stairs, find the elf, and that little sweet face lights up in disbelief, haha. I absolutely adore all the ideas from Snippets from Suburbia that I came across on flickr, and can't wait to make our own renditions of a few of them! Here are a few of my favorites I've saved from Pinterest:

Nutcracker Elf / Amelia Jean Photography

YMCA Elf & Barbies / Clearly Candace

How hysterical is Elsa and Elf?! It makes me laugh every time! / Photo credit

Reindeer cars / Photo credit

I hope these give you some ideas and inspiration behind your elves next naughty move! ;) I better go move ours tonight now that everyone is asleep. I must say this whole elf thing is actually really fun! I love seeing and reading all of the different scenarios everyone sets up, so please share your favorites too!

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