Favorite Baby Toys From Amazon

It's officially December! This year has completely flown by and it feels like yesterday it was Halloween. Now Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all come and gone and I hope you guys got great deals on Christmas presents! In case you missed out on both days to score some things you may have wanted, have no fear. Amazon is here. One place I think we can all agree where you can get a great deal no matter what time of year is Amazon. It's always a go to favorite because they offer so many great products with free two day shipping to their prime members, and you can trust reviews of products you're interested in. 

This year I am a little behind on having everything purchased by the time I planned, but I will say I've gotten the majority of things I know might not get here on time and left things on Amazon on purpose because I know they will be shipped out super soon and arrive really fast. Since Finn is a little hard to buy for this year, just because he's at that 6 month stage where he just wants to chew on something, is entertained by human interaction, and well clearly doesn't understand the concept quite yet, I figured a few smaller toys and lots of clothes (for all of his rolls) will be perfect. On a side note, you know those days where you just feel like a busted can of biscuits? Yesterday I had Finn in his jolly jumper and all of his little rolls somehow squished to one side and just kind of hung out, literally. Hahaha, it was the most hilarious, yet cutest thing I've seen. Ohhh baby.

B. Blocks | Pull duck | Airplane | Pretzel Rattle | Activity Table | Polar Bear Boat | Alligator Walker | Hedgehog Shaker | Clutching Toy | Rainbow Stacker

These are a few of my favorites that I have saved for Christmas and when he's a little bit older but I love every single item. Those B blocks we had for V and he's really taken to those. And you may notice a pattern with the wood toys, I told you guys I was obsessed lately with all of them! I just love the fact that they're eco friendly, still modern and cute, and also still colorful to stimulate and keep the babies curious. 

If you have any wooden toy favorites or even wooden toy shops that I need to know about, please share! I don't think I can get enough of them! Happy Tuesday everyone!


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