Happy New Year!

I can't believe how fast 2015 went by! We celebrated last night with confetti cupcakes, streamers, plenty of food and sparkling cider! A little something funny, I always have this vision of how things will go, and usually they end up going the complete opposite. For instance, we had picked up the horns and headbands for the new year, the streamers and all the other decorations thinking oh yeah, we'll be up and Viv will stay up forever tonight and it will be great! And now here we are at 8:30 and both babies are passed out, no cupcakes were touched.. yet. and Chase is about 5 seconds away from snoozing away also, haha. I guess that's what happens when you have a 2 year old, a 6 month old, and a very tired husband. I'll admit I just can't hang like I use to either. Lol! 

I'm not super big on New Years Resolutions (mainly because I can't stick to them, like running everyday and not eating sweets ;)) but I do like to set a few goals for the new year to keep me inspired and motivated that are realistic. I thought of a few I'd like to share and would love to know yours! 

1. To put the phone down more often and be more focused in the present.

2. To continue to strengthen my relationship with Jesus.

3. To have less negative thinking and more positive thoughts.

4. To be more adventurous, have fun and be less worried.

5. To get to a point where I am completely confident & happy with myself, in every way possible (physically, mentally, even smaller areas like work wise). I am really so hard on myself about things, I really want to try and be better to me.

We had some amazing memories from the year, including welcoming Finn into the world and Vivian turning two! There is no doubt we will cherish some of the most memorable times but we are so excited for the new year. One thing for sure that 2016 holds for us, adventure! We move in February, and then again sometime in October after Chase is done with his schooling and I am trying my hardest to remain positive because I am such a planner! I think our motto which is seemingly perfect for the new year is "Adventure awaits". Happy 2016, and blessings for a great year for all of you friends!