For quite some time, I thought these sickly germs that made themselves comfortable on every single one of us were never going to leave! Thankfully all of us are on the mend this week and I've determined one of the saddest things is having your babe sick! Finn seemed to have a cold that came with a vengeance (I'm assuming from Viv), that left him with a runny nose, a cough, and a few sleepless nights. I think that's the hardest part too of having more than one child, esp having a baby and toddler. Literally running in zombie mode to entertain the oldest while comforting and hoping to snooze with the youngest. And vise versa!

The weather has also been manic with lots and lots of rain that left us stuck inside. We had gone to Target and I saw this ridiculously adorable mermaid swimsuit that Vivian will not change out of! I have to beg her to put something else on, and usually we just flip flop between the swim suit cover up and her Elsa dress. If you haven't seen it yet at Target, you're going to want it! ;)

It has been so nice getting back in the groove of things, esp our trips to the park because Vivian had decided to be rebellious against naps otherwise. And you mama's know, once a nap is skipped you may need a prayer or two come dinnertime ;) And can I just quickly mention how big my babies look?? The other day when Finn had his shots, they mentioned he is in the 98% for his height and weight, and right on track with a 14 month old. He is only 6 months remind you. It blew me away. Haha! #bigbear

Also, if you haven't seen THIS rendition of Adele's "Hello" in New Years Resolutions form, you're missing out. It will make your week, and I think i've cried laughing watching it at least 10x!

Have a great week loves!