Vivian's Favorite Sayings

The older Vivian gets, the more vocal she becomes and the things that she picks up on absolutely blow my mind and also make me laugh hysterically. This 2 1/2, almost 3 year old talk I have to admit leaves me on my toes a little praying she doesn't hear yet repeat any bad words that may slip out of either mine or Chase's mouth, haha.

It's always hilarious to get her around other kids her age like at her mommy & me preschool twice a week and hear the conversations that go on. I think that's also been a major factor in her speech and voicing her thoughts and also expanding her vocabulary. For the longest time she was quiet and then it was practically overnight she just started to talk and talk to where now she puts 3 & 4 words together. Chase and I have been constantly entertained with conversations with her lately, and thought it would be fun to share a few things we are still cracking up about!

So so far some of her favorite sayings are "I do it!", "No no no mommy!", "Mommy, I princess Vivi", "I luh you bubs", and "I luh you!". We also can't forget the 200x a day she sings Let It Go in her princess dresses and tells everyone to clap afterwards. 

Finn is still breastfeeding and Vivian is very much into playing mama to her babies and taking them to potty (we're also potty training), that the other day she was playing with one of Finn's stuffed animals when she came to me and said "mommy! Bear hungwy!" And lifted her shirt as if she was feeding it and then said "wike yew!". I couldn't help but laugh and then put my face in my hands and think oh man! Haha!

I always laugh too if Vivian wants something, like if she's on the couch and she wants water, she will go into full blown drama mode and yell "I need water!! Mama I need water!!" The I need phrase goes with everything! "Mama! I need ice cream!" Is another favorite ;) Although her responses like these crack me up for days, she did melt my mama heart when she told me her favorite thing to do with me is dance. I love her to pieces.

I would love to hear what your kids are saying! I literally crack up every time I read little stories of what they they say! Definitely a case of kids say the darnedest things!