Cough & Cold Saviors For Baby

If you follow us on Instagram (@leasims), you may have seen that Finn was in the hospital over the weekend and into the beginning of the week with RSV + a side of pneumonia. My mama heart was broken when they told us he would need to be admitted with no date as to when we would be out of there. And my goodness, I've never seen him so miserable I would have traded spots with him in an instant! Thankfully we were there for 4 days and were cleared to go home once he could sustain his oxygen levels to what they wanted and he is back and better than ever!

One thing since then is I've turned into a complete germaphobe x100. I'm sure you mama's can relate when I say your first child you're very over the top in making sure germs are kept to a minimum. Second child, you're like a pacifier drops on the floor, you lick it and give it back ... at least I've done that, haha! But that being said, after Finn being sick like that, I've taken every measure to make sure he gets completely well and those nasty germs don't come back.

On top of taking his antibiotic, it was really important to have the cool mist humidifier. That thing works like a charm and will have everyone breathing better! It also helps this one has the "starry night" which makes for a great night light! I believe it came with inserts but they contained menthol, so I found these VapoPads in the baby section that contain only lavender and rosemary oil and they have worked great. Another lifesaver that I don't know why I didn't have with Vivian is the NoseFrida. Disgusting first impression, I know. When I picked it up, I was like ok ... I really don't want to suck boogers into my mouth .... BUT I probably should have read the back to begin with to realize it comes with a filter so that can't happen. And this baby is a like a low powered version the hospital grade one we got to use while there. I wish I could have taken that one ;) Regardless, this is a MUST have!

Of course you always want a good thermometer on hand. I've always just bought a standard one, inexpensive one. After they kept giving me inaccurate numbers, I finally bit the bullet and picked up one that is super quick, and super easy and neither babies mind it. We love the old "put Vicks on the bottom of their feet" trick when they have a cough or are just congested and every time it has seemed to work on both Vivi and Finn, but I like the baby version because once again it's just oils. You could probably even do this with essential oils if you have those on hand as well.

Lastly, saline spray or drops + boogie wipes. Finn actually hates this spray but it does help break all that congestion up and most importantly help him to breathe better. And no one can forget the best savior of all when it comes to cough and cold, LOTS of TLC ... complete with a favorite paci (stuffed animal/toy) and a brand new blanket. We picked up this tree blanket from Target's new Pillowfort collection along with a few other things and love love love it. 

I just want to say thank you to all of you who kept Finn in your prayers and for all the well wishes and sweet messages we received. He is back to his happy go lucky little self! I had to share this photo though because every time a nurse would come in to check his vitals and leave, Viv would do the same and call herself "Dr. Vivi" :) I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!

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