Finn 8 month + Travel Update

8 months & counting.  With all the moving and craziness in our schedule lately, it comes to no surprise that another month has snuck right by! Finn is enjoying taste testing every food he can possibly get his chunky little fingers on. He is such a grabber and if you look away long enough he is sure to try & sneak a bite of whatever you're eating! He will eat pretty much whatever you give him and he does have 4 itty bitty pearly white teeth to gnaw with.
He's still about a hefty 23lbs and is solid, lol! We always joke he will end up being a line backer or something because of how big he is. I remember Vivian being his age, and I know she was crawling by this point but Finn still hasn't reached that stage yet. He loves to roll back and forth all over the floor and kick those little renaissance fair turkey legs. He's actually pulling up on things rather than lifting himself up on all fours so I'm wondering if he'll skip crawling and do that after he walks? Is that a thing? If it is, let me know and tell me your stories because I'm really interested to see what he might do!

Finn's loving falling asleep to music and is sleeping through the night. SCORE. We got him Jimmy Fallon's "DADA" book as a Valentine's happy and he's so intrigued and gets all cheesy when we read it to him. He is also Mickey Mouse crazy. Chase will randomly do his voice and Finn will get big eyed, stop whatever he's doing & search the room to figure out where Mickey Mouse is. It's really the cutest, most hysterical thing. 

I wouldn't say he has a favorite toy at the moment, just because he will chew on anything and everything. I would say his favorite teether though is this bristle one (which I swear by!) and Mum Mums. We've tried Plums brand Little Yums, and he loves those as well but they are a mess. I love hearing him babble "mama"' throughout the day, but can tell he is going to be a huge trouble maker. The other day Vivian got upset over him having a toy she wanted to play with and I don't know that I've mentioned it before or not, but if Vivian starts crying he will smile. Such a naughty little thing but we love him to pieces! And is the sweetest, most snuggly little ball of dough.

In other news, I am so relieved to say that we made it across country and are having some nice and quiet, but very unorganized down time at my parents house for the next two weeks. If you follow me on instagram @leasims, you may have seen the posts recently about Chase getting reassigned to attend a school in Florida so the movers have come and gone, all of our things are in transit to our new house, and so we are currently living out of suitcases until the 1st of March or so. The journey from California to Mississippi was to put it lightly, a hell of a trip. 

I've got to be honest when I say I thought it was going to be much worse than it was having two babies, two dogs, and a whole lot of luggage. We ventured here over a three day period and as I'm sure some of you who have traveled can understand the time zone change is something serious. Our body clocks are so off, the kids clocks are way off, and so it's a bit of a circus around here. I am however, very thankful that we had as good of a travel as we did and the kids were for the most part entertained and all was good. And who's honestly going to complain about hotel hopping and having Pinterest worthy spaces?! I wanted to take this bathroom to our next house. If you're in the Dana Point, CA area, the St. Regis Monarch is phenomenal. I guess I can't complain too much because travel is exciting ... especially with room service and a maid! ;) 

Now that we're at my parents, it's been a bit of an adjustment just keeping up with our normal routine because well, we kind of don't have a routine down yet, haha. But one thing that's for sure is this is an adventure! I have to keep reminding myself of that every time I say I miss California. But I really do. Like really miss it. Travel is exciting, but change I'm not so good with in big scenarios like this. So any tip/tricks to get through moving or anything of the sort or what helped you adjust the most. I would love to hear about! 

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!