Spring Shoe Picks - Mini Style

As we get closer to our move in date on our new house, I can't help but search the web and in stores for all kinds of new pieces from clothing to home goods. One thing that has certainly gotten my attention are all the new spring shoes everywhere! It's one of those things the kids grow out of so quickly, that I really don't feel guilty buying a lot of when it comes time for a season change! With the time change difference and my late night browsing, I've rounded up some of my favorite spring shoes for both girls and boys and already have them in my cart for checkout. 

By the way, does anyone else do that? Add everything you like to your cart, go to checkout and then have to pick through things? Kind of like when I go to Target ... adding everything then getting to the register and being like hmm .. I don't need this this Target trip, I'll get it on the next trip ;) Then leave without what I originally went there for. 
 Story of my life. 

Just as a sidenote, Target is killing the $1 spot right now. Easter threw up everywhere, and I need all of it. I've got a special post coming that I think you guys will enjoy if you love Target as much as I do! 

I'd love to know what you've purchased or have on your wish list already! I can hardly wait I'm about to "spring" right out of my chair! ;)