We've been in our new house for a little over a week and I've finally gotten some time to sit and do an update! If you've missed previous posts or you're new here, hi!, Chase got orders from California to Florida so we're taking some well needed time to adjust. I'm certainly not completely out of my element because both Chase and I are both from the south, however, after being in California for 4 years, it's going to take some getting used to. 

I will say sorry California but you're beaches don't compare to this Florida powder sand. My family and I used to vacation to the Destin/Navarre area when I was little so coming back here and watching Vivian and Finn play is really, really sweet. Aside from unpacking and getting things organized around here, we've been venturing out and about because mama needed to find the closest Target ... #reallifeproblems, haha! It literally makes me laugh thinking about it, but it is honestly so me. Now you mama's reading this, who can relate?! Don't be shy .... You know you better put both those hands up! No judgement around here!

A few things we are enjoying aside from the beach though, Viv loved the Naval Aviation Museum with the Blue Angel "air pwanes", the thunderstorms, you know because it hardly ever rains in California, and we can't get enough of the seafood! Again, Viv loves the "fwimp" ;) I thought I'd share few snaps of our first few days here in the meantime while I get a bunch of fun new things set up for the blog. You may see a few new changes in and around here too. Does anyone else feel when they move, a lot of other things need to be new as well? Good timing for spring cleaning!

If you're in the Florida panhandle area, let me know fun things we should do while we're here! Our DIY dining room table, you can sneak a peek over on our instagram (@leasims), & both of the babes new room tours are coming soon! Have a lovely Sunday friends! 


  1. Loved your table on IG. Can't wait to see how you did it. I'm definitely following along to see what you find to do in the panhandle since we may be moving there soon!

  2. We've lived in the panhandle for five years now and love it. The gulf breeze zoo is cute and fun to take the kids too. We love watching the blue angels and going to the museum. There's also a lighthouse you can climb that's down the road from the naval air museum. We love going down to Destin. Harbor walk is fun to go walk around with yummy restaraunts and shops and the buccaneer pirate cruise is so fun to take the kids on. Seaside or 30a is also worth a visit. Another cute area to walk around with cute shops and God restaraunts but you can also rent bikes to ride along the beach and trails and the beach down there is beautiful as well. Depending on where you live though it's a bit of a drive. It's about 30 mins last Destin like your heading toward Panama City beach
    And daily things such as story time at the library or open gym at the gymnastics places are good for the kids!