Finn + 10 Months

Y'all, I may officially cry writing today's post because my not so little boy is in the double digits at 10 months old! I've already starting planning his 1st birthday which is almost unreal. He is such a fun baby and such a mover! A fast one at that! He's not yet walking, but pulling up on anything and everything still so Chase and I are estimating probably before his first birthday. You can tell when Vivian and him play together, he just wants to take off running down the hall, or running outside like she does. 

He watches Vivian and will copy cat her a lot. He will giggle with her & will laugh at the most inappropriate times so he is definitely ALL boy ;) Right now he can say "mama" and "dada" and when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on will blabber nonstop and talk to the tv, haha! I can only imagine the days where he's yelling at it but it's football on tv instead. 

His weight I believe at his last checkup was around 22-24 pounds. It's always funny to see family members hold him because they're like, "you weren't kidding when you said heavy!", and it's true. He's still a butterball. He eats like a teenage boy. Although we are still breastfeeding, he loves pancakes, will take out blueberries and blackberries, and every kids favorite mac & cheese. All with those 6, almost 7 little chicklet teefies.

Thankfully he is sleeping through the night still but is such a morning person compared to Vivian. I think bath time trumps any toy he has at this point. He could spend all day in the tub or the pool and will constantly laugh and splash! For his birthday, I've marked this water table for him which I know he will love! He is also a huge fan of music. He will pull up on the table and wiggle around and bounce his little legs, it's one of the funniest things to watch him do. Also, whenever Chase is doing project around the house with a drill, he has to be right there beside daddy "helping". 

He is very much the sweetest, most precious little guy around. Still a huge flirt and still such a goof at heart. He loves to aggravate his sister, but loves to love on anyone and everyone. No doubt, these 10 months have been the sweetest with our favorite little man. We love you to the moon and back, Finn.