Open Shelving Project

You know being a military family has a lot of pros and cons, one pro (if you're into traveling) is your family getting to be in different places you may not ever had had a chance to experience. On the flip side of that though is being in a place just long enough to get your house how you like it before you move again. It's always a little challenging with housing on base like we previously had on Camp Pendleton in California because there's certain rules and regulations you have to follow that can restrict you from your visions in a room. Our situation is like that now in a way because we are still renting so there are a few things we work around and also work with. 

Our kitchen in this house is rather small but thankfully very much manageable. You know when you move into a new place though you have to give it your "you" touches. I've been heart eyeing all the open shelving concepts I've seen lately and fell in love with multiple upon multiple inspiration pictures ... thanks Pinterest. Here's a few beautiful kitchens I've saved for later ;)

                                           Via Pinterest                                                               Via Pinterest

                                              Via Pinterest                                                          Via Pinterest

So with that inspiration in mind, here is the before (don't mind my beautiful phone quality & it's inaccuracy to pick up colors correctly) :

And here is the after:

Isn't it amazing what happens just by taking a few doors off and shuffling + stacking things? I may have to do a few more open shelving projects around the house. 

Sidetone though: I always wonder in photos like these where the hell they store kids cups/plates/etc. because our kitchen holds pots & pans on the bottom cabinets. BUT, if you see that cabinet to the far left in the first picture, that my friends is home to the chaos unorganized clutter ;) 

Although we don't have our dream kitchen just yet, I'm very much happy with the results! What do you guys think? Should I keep the doors above the microwave on or leave them? I like how it breaks it up a little without being too much and also hides the microwave cord but let me know what you would do!