Our Weekend

Ah Mondays, how we don't miss you! 

Over the weekend my parents came to visit and April 1st is actually my mom's birthday so we very much enjoyed getting to celebrate her and spend some extra quality time with Mimi! One thing since we've been in Florida that we've very much enjoyed having again is the seafood fresh from the Gulf, so delicious! So we went all out and my dad bought all kinds of fresh seafood from shrimp to scallops to crab cakes for her birthday dinner. 

She didn't know it but on Thursday, I found a little local cheesecake place that's only about 10 minutes away from our house (so not good for me to know) so I stopped and got a few of her favorite flavors for dessert instead of a traditional cake. If you follow me on Instagram (@leasims) you probably saw a sneak peek once I picked them up and y'all. The smell in the car on the way back home ... I didn't have the kids with me so it could have been a prime opportunity to indulge so it's a good thing I have a little ... not a lot of willpower. It was almost a Bruce with chocolate cake from Matilda kind of situation but we survived. No cheesecakes harmed ;)

Of course the kids always enjoy having my parents here so aside from all the good food we ate, they enjoyed lots of snuggle & play time with them. We even did a little antique shopping and laughed way too hard at all the different snapchat filters on each other. (@leasims1) 

Viv also enjoyed showing all of us her caterpillars outside she finds every. single. day. I swear that's what she looks forward to most everyday is going outside and finding them. I can't complain though because I'm so happy she loves the outdoors and would spend every minute of her time out there if she could. For the longest time once she discovered them she was scared to pick them up, and now she'll have about 2-3 crawling on her at once. I think it's probably because I filled her in that they turn into butterflies, haha. 

No doubt another one of my favorite parts about having my parents here is that my mom and I tend to be night owls and once everyone is asleep we always find ourselves staying up late and talking about anything and everything. You can never be too old for your mama <3 

After my parents left we ended up going grocery shopping, which is always a challenge unless it's Target .... weird ;), but I'm always trying to get in and get out. Somehow though, I always end up in the floral department and I couldn't resist all the beautiful spring colors! That blush is my favorite!

Did you guys do anything fun over the weekend? Have a beautiful filled week!

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  1. We had my Mom down this weekend too, and her birthday is also April 1st! Go figure. Those cheesecakes look awesome. Also, that little house behind Viv?? I need to see a better picture of that thing, because it looks super cute. With Emmie's birthday around the corner I've been trying to find a good playhouse for her.