Wayfair Wednesday

Wayfair is honestly sort of a new thing for me. Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed because they offer anything and everything you could possibly want, but other times I'm like yes! I need that, and that, oh and that too! It's become like a sister to Target for me, haha. I just thought I'd share a quick find that I ordered last week and we recently just put up.

How cute is this hammock chair?! It's obviously made to be put outdoors but no one ever said you couldn't put it inside ;) We had recently moved things around in Vivian's room anyway so that maybe she will start taking naps in there now that she can see down the hallway. It left just enough room for our new swing and the whole family loves it! We just grabbed rope from Lowes and a large eye hook to screw into the ceiling, made sure it was super secure, and wa-la! The perfect little cozy corner.

Wayfair still has this bad boy on sale for $29, which is a steal!! Hurry before they're gone, there are so many different ways you could decorate this! Happy shopping! 

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