Perdido Key, Florida

Since living in Florida one of our favorite places to go is Perdido Key & Orange Beach area. Chase and I's families have always gone since we were little so now that we are down here, it's so fun to be able to make memories of our own with our babes. Perdido is absolutely beautiful and is a great getaway for a day for us. Viv will go back and forth & ask to "jump waves" over and over and then switch out for some sand castle building time. Finn on the other hand likes to kick it crawling in the sand and people watching. Or lady watching ;) It does surprise me though that he doesn't like the ocean or waves as much as I thought, in fact he hates it. Does any one else's babe love bath time but hate the ocean? Sometimes I don't blame him, I could kick it like a washed up seal lion on the beach if I can't see my feet in the water ;)

 I also have to shout out Target for the cutest & last minute swimsuits! We decided that since the babes and I were solo on bathing suits, it was much needed that we get a new one before we headed out today and Target honey, you came through! You can't really tell in these pictures the detail of mine, but it's so flattering on, while still maintaining to be super cute! You can find it HERE.

Also, Viv's swimsuit I mean come on. What girl doesn't want pink and a tutu? And I love the back detail with the peep hole and polka dots. Viv also helped me choose Finn's and ultimately went with the ombre green pair. Who else thinks of the ninja turtles when they see these? Haha, love them. I tried to search online for the link to Vivian's but it looks like it maybe in store only so check your local Target for it. It's super cute in person! You can shop FInn's HERE.

Annnnddddd...can you say #overit? This is officially how we all left looking ;) Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend!