Finn's 1st Birthday

You guys, I'm so excited to share Finn's 1st birthday with you all! It's still so hard for me to grasp that he is a one year old now. I'm also starting to think that after baby #1, they all grow at rapid speeds, haha. I was watching old videos of him from when he was first born up to a few week ago and it's amazing how many changes have happened since we welcomed him to the world.

One thing that has always been one of his favorites is Mickey Mouse. Literally if we're playing in his room and the tv in the living room is on and Mickey comes on, once he hears the music he sprints down the hallway so he doesn't miss it. Anything Mickey related he see's in a store he immediately gravitates towards. It has to be a boy thing! So with his love for Mickey Mouse we opted for of course a Mickey themed party.

We knew it was going to be a rather small but intimate party so I focused a lot on details more than anything else. Mickey shaped straws and red,black, and white everything made for a super festive and fun celebration! I wish I had done the 12 month photos for Vivian's first birthday because this was one of my favorite parts. I think it hit me even harder with just how much he has changed. I love watching his personality blossom but I do very much miss his marshmallow puffiness!

I tried to be an over achiever and be one of those moms who makes everything and it comes out beautiful and all .... I don't know if any of you have seen the video on Facebook about which mom you are but I am definitely hot mess mom! Haha! I tried my hand at royal icing cookies and well .... see for yourself. They didn't turn out too too bad, but my Mickey shape sort of transformed into a blob. We'll just say they were made with extra love so that makes them still acceptable ;) My mom and I also attempted to make a 5 layer cake and never again. We made it work but only after it wanted to become the leaning tower of Pisa. 

A Mickey party wouldn't be complete without "Hot Diggity Dogs". We also had chips and dip, fruit and veggies. For dessert we had Finn's cake, the cookies, and dozens of Oreos. We all sang Happy Birthday to Finn and his face while inhaling those cookies was like, "um oh hi, why are you guys singing all of a sudden?" I think he loved all the attention as he usually does and had a blast!

For his "Oh Boy, Finn is ONE!" poster, if I told you it was $7 would you believe me? I came across a tutorial where you can create a file and then upload it as an engineer print from Office Depot and then they will print it black and white. I've forgotten the actual demotions of it but it was huge and perfect as a backdrop for the table!

We finished up with opening his presents and I always love to see how kids will open their gifts. Finn was with the slow mo crowd ripping piece by piece until Vivian came over and tore into it like a tornado. He loves all of his gifts and we loved spending the day celebrating just how special he is to us. Happy 1st birthday little man, we love you so so much!

"Oh Boy, Finn is ONE" Poster - Office Depot - have it printed on Engineer paper for only $7!
Black #1 Cardboard Cutout