Happy 3rd Birthday, Vivian Lovinia!

Happy THIRD birthday my sweet baby! The summer is always really busy for us since having both the babies and because their birthdays are so close together to each others and both mine and Chase's, there's never anytime to pause! From Finn's birthday up to this point, there has been something every week/weekend on the calendar. We've been spending the week here in Orange Beach on a family beach trip with everyone which has been so much fun. We had Vivian's birthday party two days before her actual birthday which I can't wait to share pictures from her party, but on her actual birthday since we were with the family we went out to lunch and just did whatever she wanted to do! 

The family sang Happy Birthday and the restaurant brought out the most massive brownie that I'm sure was bigger than her. We took her to see Life of Pets which she couldn't stop talking about and I'm so happy to say went extremely well for her first time. I'm not sure whether it was a good idea to get the biggest popcorn and Icee after that brownie but you only turn 3 once right ;)

After the movies we came back and all she wanted to do was swim in the bay. We had a blow up slide in the shallow side and if you couldn't find her anywhere else she was bound to be there! Chase brought out a few kayaks and some of us went kayaking down the bay after it had rained a little and Vivian got to end her day on a very high note - with a rainbow. It almost made me quite teary if I'm honest because I'm not sure that I've ever shared on this blog or not that Vivian is our rainbow baby after having a miscarriage back in 2012. It was such an amazing day and I know I say it all the time, but I really just can't believe it. 

She is so so full of personality and energy. She makes me constantly laugh with her sayings like "mommy, what dat name is?" when asking what's something is called. Or the ever so famous answer when I asked where she gets something, "target". The other day while we were here, she saw my wedding ring and wanted to try it on. I let her see it and told her, oh my goodness bunny. Did you get married to which she replied, ummm I dunno. And asking her who did she get married to? She told me "target". Haha, if only I could switch .... Sorry babe! ;) She loves to sing - her favorite right now are twinkle twinkle and any of the Frozen songs. If she could only pick one thing to eat you can guarantee she'd pick popsicles with sparkling water. She loves to have her fingernails and toes painted. She's already taught herself how to roll her eyes & puts her hand on her hips when she's on a mission. Oh, and we can't forget her random spurts of "what da hell you doing?!" ... about that. 

Vivian still loves animals, specifically cats or dogs. But Lord Jesus help us if she can't hold an animal she sees. We were outside last week and she had an epic meltdown over a squirrel running across the top of the fence and was so distraught because she just couldn't hold him. She is scared of spiders and has no problem telling Chase, "Daddy, get it! I not like piders" Her favorite things to play with are her dollhouse, her Baby Alive's and she is a sucker for Shopkins and will ask me to look them up so she can mark which ones she's gotten so far. 

Hard to believe 3 years ago we welcomed what is now our everything. Along with her brother. I don't know how I did life without either one of them before they came into this world, but she is the one who made me a mama. She is the one who is so much like me it's scary. She is the one who is oh so bossy and independent but always loves to give love and melts my mama heart when she tells me "your my best friend, i love you, big hug!!" If only she knew how much she was my best friend and how much I love her, more. She will always be my baby no matter if she's 96 but hopefully that won't come as fast as 3 did ;)

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Vivi, we love you!!