What's In My Bag? Mommy Edition

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with YouTubers and their "What's in my bag?" videos. Well, I thought it would be fun to share a whats in my bag - mommy edition even though I know most of us have our things covered in crumbs from our babes favorite snacks & the other half of our things are 
sprawled throughout the car, haha.
Chase got me this Rebecca Minkoff Bag this past Mothers Day and it is my absolute favorite! My only complaint is if I'm in a hurry, I can't just throw it on my shoulder but it's definitely not a deal breaker ;) I really don't carry around a lot of stuff, more so just keep things in the car like wipes & a few diapers, and we keep a tote of toys in the trunk as well so I don't have them all in my bag!

A few staples include the obvious wallet, keys, phone, diapers & wipes as well as snacks. I typically would have the iPad with me as well for games for the kids, but as of now the screen is cracked and & just not safe. #toddlerlife. Snacks usually range from
pretty much anything, it's just whatever I have on hand or whatever is in the kitchen that I can just toss in and go. Usually I have applesauce, goldfish, Pirates Booty, breakfast bars, or crackers. The kids both love crackers too but they break regardless if they're in a bag and just create SUCH a mess on top of a mess, know what I'm saying? ;)

I always have my sunglasses & regular glasses. I wear these if I'm working on the computer, if I'm reading or just playing on my phone and also to drive at night. Seriously I swear kids make your eyes worse, haha! Another staple to make car trips a little less painful - paci's. Only if your babe likes them but for us both of the kids have to have them to sleep. Vivian not as much anymore as she really only has hers at night, but with Finn and us transitioning out of breastfeeding, it's a lifesaver.

A bow for Vivian I always keep in my bag. We sometimes go places spur of the moment and this Florida weather is ridiculous so if it's raining or just miserably hot, I have something to keep her hair out of her face if she doesn't already have one or the predictable, she loses the original one. We love these Free Babes ones that don't move at all in her hair unless she takes them out. We have so many in so many cute prints!

Another must have with us being in Florida and going to be the beach so much - sunscreen stick! We're big fans of BabyGanics and if it's one thing I forget when packing the beach bag, it's sunscreen.  Should be a no brainer, but after you get everyones swimsuits, toys, snacks, towels ... I know I can't be the only one who forgets one of the most important things! I've learned just keeping this in my bag with me, I don't have to stress and make a quick stop to grab some before we have fun in the sun.

I actually don't carry a lot of makeup with me, I guess I'm really dependent on my setting spray, ha! I usually use ColourPop's matte lipsticks or MAC's lipsticks to start and then throughout the day if I need too, just apply this Revlon "PrimRose" which has been my favorite for YEARS! Literally since high school. I think it's pretty similar to MAC's Angel, but it's amazing.

I'd love to know what your mama's must haves are for your bag! Is there something you never leave without besides the obvious? Happy Thursday loves!