In the midst of clearing things out throughout the house before our move, one of those was definitely my wardrobe. It has become necessary for me to stock up on a few new pieces for cooler weather which I'm not complaining about. I really do love fashion, but ever since my babes, their fashion has become much more fun than mine ;) Every now and then though, I do enjoy pulling a few things together when I'm on the go.

Amidst clearing out hideous things and "why the hell did I buy this" pieces, two things I will be keeping are what I consider almost basics, haha. I love the jean vest and black and white striped dress. I've been seeing so many cute ways to style jean jackets that I knew I had to keep this vest when I was going  through things. This black and white striped dress is great for any season. I've paired it with some of my favorite lace up sandals from Target but would be so cute paired with tights and boots for the fall. 

I'm a huge sucker for anything black, white, & gray, but have made a promise to myself to step out of my box a little bit more. I do love me some prints though, so I'm thinking it won't be too difficult. I've still been loving my Rebecca Minkoff bag even though most of the time it's filled with Paw Patrol puppies and goldfish crumbs. It matches everything and it's gray. So you know it's a steady winner in my book. Let me know your favorite ways to style your jean jackets, I'm on the hunt for a new one!