Fort Barrancas

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! This weekend we ventured out because I wanted to shoot a few things that are coming to the blog later this week and we ended up exploring Fort Barrancas close to where we already were. If you're not familiar with the area, it's located on NAS Pensacola and is a really cool spot to visit! 

I'm not so much a history bluff, but I do love visiting and photographing historic places. Historic homes are
always a favorite of mine! Fort Barrancas though is very cool because it's got a series of passageways and tunnels within it. If you've ever visited Fort Pickens (across the bay) this may look really similiar.

Both of the kids loved all the free space to roam and wander. Vivian called the fort a "castle" and while we were walking through the passageways, she decided to give us a guided tour of the princess castle. I'll be honest, we went down a few stairs on a whim not really knowing where we were going and just kind of went with it, but after about 2 minutes of feeling like we were in a maze, I did get a little anxious. So if you don't do well in small spaces, you may just want to walk a few feet into it otherwise you'll be walking the entire perimeter of the fort like we did. Genius move Lea.

The only downside was that it was so freaking hot, but that's just Florida weather. The tunnels were a lot cooler so I would have rather gone earlier in the morning since I believe they close around 4:30 or 5. Thank goodness there are a few hidden shady spots within the fort to sit and cool off with not many people around.

 After we walked back from the fort, a nice security guard asked if we wanted to come into the visitor center to cool off and watch a little movie about the Fort. I guess we really looked tired as hell, haha, Like I said I'm not a history bluff, and with two littles running around, watching a history movie, or any movie for that matter, is just not really in the cards. Unless it's Zootopia. Or Frozen. ;) So we took the chance to cool off in the AC while the kids ran the rest of the energy out they had and play wrestled on the floor while making faces at each other. #siblinglove I'm sure the guard by this point regretted asking for us to come in, ha!

If you guys are in the area and haven't visited this little spot yet, it's a really neat place! I think it'd be fun for a little picnic date or for one of those days you just want to get out & do something. I have a bunch of new and exciting things coming this week that involve some really amazing brands. One involves a giveaway so stay tuned! Have a great week guys!