Happy Sunday guys! Yesterday we celebrated Chase's birthday with his parents and enjoyed having lunch and visiting the Gulf Breeze Zoo! If you've never been, it's a really great day trip and both times we've been have never been crowded. I can't remember if I've talked about it or not, but it's a fun option to spend a day at! 

The kids love the zoo and the first time we went, I don't think Finn was walking just yet. This time he was and he was everywhere! The zoo is small but has a lot to offer and lets you get really close to the animals to touch and feed them. 

 If you follow us on snapchat (leasims1) - you probably saw the snaps of Vivian with
the goats. She loves animals and loves to care for them. Literally ANY animal except for spiders. But in case you missed it, she walked over to them, petted them through the little wooden fence and said "hi, hello, how are you today?". It made my heart so happy but it was hysterical! She made her way down the row of goats that stuck their head through the fence and made sure she pet every one of them, making sure none were left out. While she was introducing herself to the goats, Finn wandered close by and stomped around through the puddles as any boy would! 

He's getting to the age where he's discovering more and more so it's been so fun watching him and seeing what draws his attention. With that said, I think he thought the puddles were a lot more fun than the animals ;)

We got to feed the giraffes to which Vivian was tickled pink about! He practically sucked her arm off with his massive tongue and she wasn't bothered by it one bit. Haha. We also got to feed the birds and both the babies loved that! It was really cute because there were SO many, like so many that would just fly on your hand and on your shoulder. At one point I think Finn was fed up because he's so small and they would just fly right across him. Vivian had two bird seed sticks so they flocked to her and I think at one point she had about 5 of the birds on her when she told me to take her sticks, haha.

You know we couldn't leave though without riding the train. It was actually a really great day because it was overcast and not so blazing hot for once but while we were waiting for the train the bottom fell out. Luckily we were underneath a covered area and the train was also covered, so we loaded on and about a minute in, it just fell out again. So needless to say we enjoyed a very wet train ride but it did end up being kind of fun. Who gets to say they rode a train through the rain? That totally just sounds like a like from a Dr. Seuss book. Ha!

We had a great time though and the prices for the tickets as well as the food to feed the animals is very reasonable.  The staff is friendly and they saved the day with having wagons to rent incase you forgot a stroller! If you go, I'd love to hear your experience! Do you have a funny story about your kids at the zoo? I'm always up hearing all the funny things that kids say!

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Hope you all have a relaxing rest of your Sunday!