I know some of you are probably thinking, "Didn't you guys just move?" And that answer is yes! Yes we did and we get to do it all over again! While I do mean that sarcastically, I am really excited. And this time we will be planted there until Chase's enlistment is up in 3 years (hopefully). While we have only been in Florida for Chase to finish up some training, we were noted that the training would be complete in September so we ended up getting orders to

It's the reason for my longer than usual absence from Instagram, the blog, and my other social media because you guys I. am. overwhelmed!!! We are renting the house we are in now but it's listed for sale and we've had showings every week so along with keeping the house spotless, we're trying to get everything set up for the packers and moving company, getting our house squared away in Maryland, also getting the kids in preschools programs and Viv in "ballerina class" as she calls it. We are just swamped at the moment with all things MOVING.

I couldn't remember if I mentioned it on here, but I did on Instagram and I thought I'd make it official and give more details. At first, I felt very unsure about Maryland until I did a bunch of research of the area and all it has to offer. And it has SO much to offer. We miss California so much but I have to say I can't really say the same about Florida once we move. While we have met some great people here and it has been so extremely nice to be so close to family, we are ready to get back into the grove of a faster pace with so many amenities to offer. We are big travel bugs and love taking the kids to experience all that the world has to offer so we are so excited to be exploring places none of us have been to. 

Along with moving comes a new house and that my friends I am SO excited for!! Does anyone else just want to redo their house every time they move?! Haha. I'm so indecisive when it comes to home decor and I switch things around all the time so I'm itching to get into our new house and get my hands on some DIYs! Viv is already talking about how she wants a purple room & I already have a list going that I'm so anxious to get started! A few of those include

+ redoing the kids bathroom
+ designing an actual playroom
+ board and batten in certain areas of the house
+ doing a LOT of renter friendly DIYs 

I can't wait to share all my plans with you guys! One thing that's at the top of my list is an actual playroom again! We had one at our old house and in the house we are moving to, it has an extra bedroom we will use a multi functional room for guests but let it also be the playroom. I am so so thrilled to have space for all these toys again! 

We also are driving since we have both cars and have some fun stops planned along the way so we all don't go too stir crazy ;) Anyway, I thought I'd share the news and I would love any feedback about Maryland in general and some fun things to do and see! Who else has a love/hate relationship with moving?! While we'll be a little slower on Instagram than usual, be sure to follow us on snapchat! (leasims1) Can't wait to share our new journey with you all!


  1. Not sure where in MD you're moving, but if you're close to Baltimore they have so many amazing things for kiddos. If you are close to Baltimore you should definitely hit the science center. There are some great farms up in Westminster that do some great fall festivals (apple picking, pumpkin picking, peach picking etc.) Then closer to Annapolis there's the Maryland renn. festival & annual sailboat festival. SO MANY THINGS! I miss living in MD so much just for all it offered. And of course, let's not forget traveling into DC if you're close enough. Hello Natural History Museum! I'm always up for blabbing about awesome things to do in Maryland if you need more ideas. Feel free to email me. Bethoverdeep at gmail =)

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestions! So good to hear positive things about the area! Congrats on baby #2 too mama! :)