Life Update + Moving Delay

Hi friends! It has been a bit since I last got a chance to sit down and share what we have been up to lately. I think I shared that we were supposed to head out for Maryland one week ago but that quickly came to a screeching halt. Like literally if there was a sound attached to our scenario, it would have a LOUD screech at that. The past week or so has been one thing after another so I'll give you guys a little run down. Grab your popcorn ;)

So last Wednesday, Chase was checking out of his unit so that he could check in to Maryland as Wednesday was his last day. There was an issue with one area that would not allow him to check out and long story short, still won't. So here we are 4 days before we are supposed to head out, let me just also say that we've already arranged for our house in Maryland, paid for all of the hotels to get up there, plus the kids school & extra things on the side like Viv's ballerina class, and one person will not sign off on his sheet.
 Thursday Chase graduated from JCAC and we couldn't have been more proud of all of his hard work over the past 6 months! We enjoyed a day at the museum and lunch afterwards but soon had to return back to our house for the packers and movers to finish up. There was no way for us to hold our household goods in Pensacola until this was resolved because it was so last minute, that our stuff left and is now in Maryland as I type this. 

So from last Friday to today, nothing has really changed and they're trying to get this issue resolved in Maryland so that we don't lose our house, but Chase is also having to burn his own leave because there's no where for us to go at the moment but my parents house. Talk about feeling 18 again ;) So we are still waiting on an answer if we can leave or not and this can be resolved in Maryland so that we can at least be settled. We are steady asking for lots of prayers, positive vibes, and good juju because living out of suitcases really isn't what we thought we'd be doing right now and everything is SO up in the air, it's ridiculous. 

Holding our heads high and trusting that this will all get worked out soon and we will be able to be move forward and get back into somewhat of a routine because Lord knows there is NO routine whatsoever right now. However, we are so thankful that family is close enough and we get to spend a little extra unplanned time with them. Will keep you all updated as we find out more information, but I always appreciate and love the continued support and positivity! You guys are the best! Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

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