Hi North Carolina!

Happy Wednesday friends! It has been a busy two weeks for us! The moment Chase got orders, we had to plan hotels, dates, and even find a home in about a week! I can officially say though, we have moved to North Carolina & are in our new house! Seriously, to even be at this point is a miracle. I was so over this move I was just complacent with thinking they were going to take as long as they pleased before we were allowed to go to wherever it was they wanted to send us.

It is LITERALLY a breath of fresh air to be in a home once again that we are currently in the process of making our own. We got so lucky and blessed that we worked with one of the nicest leasing agents and she got us in a house within two days and it is my absolute favorite home we have ever lived in. One of those things you never new you wanted, but actually you kind of needed it, yeah. We needed this house. Not to mention, it's got a farmhouse/cottage vibe & I'm obsessed! Our housing community office bought our dinner the first night we moved in, everyone we have come across out in town is so incredibly friendly, it's honestly just really, really amazing.

We got Vivian signed up with ballet & her first day was today too! She was a little shy, granted we have all been through a very rough past month so I kind of felt like she would be shy because this is all so new to her as it is to us. She said she had fun and wanted to go back so I think it will be something that will grow on her because that's all she used to talk about! She definitely made the cutest ballerina though by far! Made me emotional even thinking how we got to this point - 3 and she's in ballet, enrolled in preschool, like, how is she this old already?!

On the flip side, our furniture is still not here. It was shipped to Maryland because they couldn't hold it in Florida, so they're having to ship it once again from Maryland to here. Hopefully it won't be too long but we'll think of it as semi - long term indoor camping trip. Complete with an air mattress, paper plates & plastic utensils ;) As I'm typing this I'm even sitting on the kitchen counter because we have no chairs, haha.

We are all just so thankful to be in a place where we can settle for a while. We have started a few renter friendly DIY's that I cannot wait to share! This house keeps me excited because of how much potential it has so I'll be updating with those soon! Thank you all so much for the positivity and prayers for our family, we are so grateful!

Have a great rest of the week friends!


  1. I'm so happy for yall! God's got a plan no matter what!!! Can't wait to see uodates!!!