Hi October! Weekend Recap

It's that time again you guys! Over the weekend, I pretty much stayed on Instagram obsessing over so many cute October 1st posts! Seriously, it will always be my favorite month and can we just all agree that we wish Fall was all year long? Literally there needs to be some sort of countdown like there is for New Years when it turns October 1st, haha! Can you imagine? "3 ... 2... 1... Happy October 1st!" And instead of a ball dropping, it's big pumpkin like from Halloweentown? Haha! I'm getting way too into this ...

Anyway, on Saturday, there was a fall festival here around the old courthouse with local vendors, food, and a few of the shops downtown were also having some sales so of course we went! My mom used to take me when I was little and it was one of my favorite things to do this time of year!

One thing that I did when I was little that I saw they STILL have around, was this one vendor where you make sand art. Side note, this totally made me feel SO old. Essentially, it's just a different glass jars with sunglasses, different mouths, and then you choose their "hair" (tassels) and an umbrella for the top then fill it with whatever color sand you want and I knew the second I saw it Viv would want one. My mom still has mine so I had to have one that Viv made. And in total Viv fashion, she picked the pink princess looking one ;)

There were so many cute & different small vendors - another of our favorites was this one that had handmade wooden kids toys which I always be a fan of! The log trucks were so adorable we had to get one for Finn. He's big into stacking and putting things together so once we gave it to him, that's exactly what he did. Until he decided to throw them all over the living room & chew on them like a beaver.  Total win ;). My mom got a few little antique trinkets and we all snagged caramel popcorn & some homemade jams before we left.

All of us were so tired by the time we got back to my parents house that we just watched the kids play outside in this beautiful fall weather! I mean, you can't beat leaving the doors open while you cook & hang out.

We are still in holding for our move too but are hoping to hear something on that this week. Going on 2 weeks with no answer is starting to drive us a little cray cray. And I really just want to decorate our new house .. Pinterest can only do so much. Haha! Tis the season my friends! Have a great week!