Pops of Pumpkin

You guys!! We finally got our furniture and household goods delivered on Thursday and have since been swamped in boxes. Half of our things arrived damaged/broken which we were really surprised about and can officially mark this move as worst. move. ever. And if you're wondering, don't ever use Mayflower ... EVER. Like ever ever.

Aside from that though, it's still good & we are so happy to have all of our stuff that's just making our place feel more and more like home as we go through everything. I really wanted to do as much as I could each day to organize, trash & store things and in the process set aside any fall decor because we're two days from Halloween and haven't had a chance to decorate anything! Luckily, I found the cutest felt pumpkins at TJ Maxx while we were home in Mississippi and found their perfect places prior to our shipment. I thought I'd share a sneak peak of the house so far & our little festive corners that aren't stacked with boxes ;)

We also got our Direct Tv set up yesterday and I've never been so happy. Seriously, I don't think I've seen the kids be so happy since having Mickey, plus all of their toys, and the couch they both give me a heart attack on (that the movers broke ... yeah) and their beds. Finn just upgraded to a toddler bed too because he's a beast and can climb up and out of his crib. Have I mentioned how much he's my give me anxiety child? Haha anyways, I have so. much. to share with you guys so I hope you enjoy this sneak peak and I can't wait to share the complete house tour! 

Have a spooky weekend!

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