Erno Laszlo Skincare & Other Night Time Favorites

 Happy Tuesday guys! I'm sharing today a new go to of mine as well as some of my favorite products for my night time routine! The products I use I switch up so much but I thought it'd be fun to give my feedback on a few of these products I've been trying! My skin is super dry & I also have psoriasis so I really have to be cautious of the things I use on my face & body. 

I was recently sent this Erno Laszlo not long ago thanks to Influenster to try & share my feedback for you guys too! This specific one is the Hydrate & Nourish cleansing oil and bar & I've been using it for about 3 weeks now. Y'all know mama needs all they hydration she can get, ha! Anytime I use oil on my skin, it immediately sucks it up so I was excited to try this and was super impressed!

First the packaging is super cute and I love that it gives you a place to sit the bar so it doesn't get all goopy and gross on your counter top or shower! You start with the oil & massage it into your skin and then apply the bar in circular motions. I'm not a fan of bar soaps I will say, so I just rubbed it together in my hands and then applied it. The oil acts as a base and is so so refreshing on dry skin! I love doing this at night vs day time because I really feel like this gets everything off and I love going to bed with a super fresh face. 

The Hydra-Therapy Refresh Infusion serum was amazing that was sent with it. I've been getting more into serums and can't get away from them. I love the Estee Lauder anti aging serum & their New Dimension, & this serum was also bomb. com but was definitely more of a runny texture which I wasn't so fond of. Like super runny. This stuff is $100 for 1 ounce which is so pricey and I can't tell you whether it's worth that price or not but it does an amazing job at leaving your skin like silk afterwards! By the way, I'll tell you though that when I tried a little bit out of the package and put it on the counter it started to leak and Chase thought I was crazy talking to the serum "get back in there, oh noooo, get back in there you are too expensive to be running out on the counter like that girl!" Can you picture it? Haha!

Overall I really enjoyed the products and they are without a doubt great! I wouldn't recommend this though to anyone who has oily skin because I just don't think an oil based product would help at all but if you do try it and have oily skin, I'd love to know what your thoughts are! They also have a few other ranges of these duo's - detoxifying, sensitive, & firmarine that may suit your skin type better. All in all, the cleansing set with the bar & oil is super affordable and as the name suggests, very hydrating!

I've linked a few of my other skin care favorites below that I think a lot of you might use too!. Let me know if you guys try any of the Erno Laszlo line & what you think! Or if you think there's something I should try next! Have a great rest of your day!