Halloween 2016

 Happy November! I feel like we didn't get to enjoy much of October because of the moving craziness but we did very much enjoy Halloween! Viv had a costume day at her ballet class last week where they could dress up as whatever they wanted so she chose to be a vet. Naturally, we thought it would be so cute if we could find Finn a puppy costume and get a few pictures of the two of them since we didn't really have any other ideas as a family for Halloween. They were the cutest little duo although Finn was not at all a fan of the hood, haha.

The night before Halloween Viv told me she wanted to be a pink superhero so we rounded up clothes from all of our closets and went with a batman theme which turned out super fun and without spending extra $$ (my favorite) for things we'll never wear again! Viv loved her pink batgirl cutout and Finn was just happy I think not to be in that puppy costume although he made the cutest pup! ;)

Viv loved running to the doors this year and saying "twick or tweat" and Finn loved picking out his own candy from the bowls. His go to were Snickers and Viv was a fan of more of the candy like Skittles & suckers - so typical of the both of them!

Funny little story - While getting ready both of the kids were napping so once I was ready, I asked Chase if we should paint his face while they were asleep? Not thinking about it, we both were like um, they both are probably going to be terrified waking up to your face like the Joker. Needless to say, we did it (horrible parents aren't we?) ;) and when Vivian woke up her eyes were huge and she knew it was him and just laughed. You guys, Finn was absolutely terrified. Like wouldn't even let Chase hold him the rest of the night until he washed his face. So if you're thinking of painting your face next year while your kids are asleep and you're going as something scary, wait until they wake up! Or just scare the heck out of them, haha!

We had a blast trick or treating and it's always so nice to see the kids have fun - that's the best part of it all. And I swear participating with them makes it that much better and memorable. That's what it's all about though, making memories. I love these two mini me's so much and we look forward to this time of year every year! But on a real note, what was your go to steal out of your babes bucket? Ha! 

Have a great week you guys - hopefully the extra sugar gets us through to Friday ;)