Christmas 2016

Happy Wednesday friends! Hopefully most of you are still enjoying some time off from your busy schedule like we are. Chase goes back to work this week but we have a few days extra that we are most definitely taking advantage of! 

We had such a great Christmas and enjoyed my parents coming up and spending a couple of days with us! They got here two days before Christmas Eve so we loved getting to shop, cook, and do all of the festive things with them too! Finn is my dad's little shadow and loves him so much so most of the time they were here, those two were stuck together like glue. Viv loved having her Mimi here to show our house too (my parents haven't been here since we moved in!), getting her to play with her dollhouse and spending all of that quality time together. Chase and I enjoyed having a break too, ha!

On Christmas Eve, we finished wrapping up some presents, cooked a few pies, baked Santa cookies, my dad read The Night Before Christmas to everyone & we got the kids to bed then played Cards Against Humanity. Which I can now say, is already funny on it's own but SO funny when wine is involved ;) Santa came and while my dad set up the kids tents Santa brought, my mom and I and Chase got everything situated for in the morning.

Christmas morning is always so magical anyway but it gets better and better each year as the kids get older. It was so sweet to watch their faces because I really do think they were very much overwhelmed and had to take a minute to take it all in. Viv went straight for the Baby Alive and Finn for his Tonka Mini. We all opened our gifts together and just sat and watched the kids explore all of their things in our pit of ripped wrapping paper, haha. 

We do Christmas dinner when we're back home but we usually do lunch if we stay at our house so that's what we did this year. We all enjoyed ham, mashed potatoes, chicken & bacon brown sugar rollups - they are heavenly!, mac & cheese, french fries - for Finn of course, and veggies. My dad made a homeade pecan pie that we all tore into but since that wasn't up either of the kids alley, they devoured cookies and chocolate out of their stockings, haha. The rest of the day we hung out in our food comas and spent some time playing with the kids out in the screened porch although the weather didn't feel much like winter.

I put together a video of both Christmas Eve + Christmas Day that I thought I would share. I'm not sure why I havent made any of these before other than the fact that every time I watch it, I cry, haha. Enjoy & I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!