Latest Loves

Happy Friday friends! As we gear up for the new year I thought it'd be fun to share a few last minute loves that I'm obsessed with at the moment. Now that Christmas has come and gone and we're finding our groove again, I've gotten a few new things that are just too good not to share. Plus some oldie favorites that are amazing as well! I hope you enjoy and all have a wonderful weekend ringing in 2017!

The Amazon Fire Tablet 8 - both V and Finn received one of the 32G this year for Christmas and even I love it. From a simple standpoint, and a mom stand point, these are AWESOME. The only significant difference I notice from the iPad is no Facetime. If you are wanting a tablet but Facetime is not a big deal breaker for you, and you are on a budget, these are great. I can set up a master profile & download apps, pick what ones i want visable on lets say V's account, switch the user to Vivian, and it will only shpw those apps. No internet, no phone calls, nothing. You can always go back and change things, but it is such an awesome feature.  you can download all of the normal apps, games, movies, music, etc. as you would your phone or ipad.

These thigh high boots.... give me life. I got these for Christmas in black and they are my favorite!

For the handy woman, I love these magnetic drill bits. Chase got these for Christmas and I'm wondering why I'm just now hearing about them! I was hanging things around the house and these made my life so much easier!

My favorite favorite cleanser & toner EVER. I was so excited to be gifted a new bottle of each for Christmas from my parents because I've been out & I have used both of these since high school! They are the best for dry skin!

This hand soap in the scent "Geranium"- so good I had to snag my mom one too! And we are huge fans of Meyers!

These Starbucks Caramel Keurig cups, yaaas honey! Make my morning!

Is there anything loving I need to know about? Fill me in! <3