Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

The December bug is in full force around here and we are feeling so festive! It was game on after Thanksgiving was over and we're still decorating. We've had one tree for several years that we've just always stuck with but it's not the Pinterest perfect kind, it's like the first year of marriage type of tree. Anyone still have one of those? Haha by that I mean it's a little frumpy, a little well loved, and has lots of memories in almost 5 years we've had it. We brought that one out this year and it turns out that they were giving the Marines free trees if you wanted one so I got Chase to snag our first real live tree this year! Double the excitement!

I was a little hesitant just because I know they shed a lot, you have to keep them watered (I literally do not have the slightest green thumb) and we didn't have tree stand for it but we made a quick "will do" for it and I am loving it! It's not overly potent like those evergreen candles that give me the most massive headaches ever, but it's like a faint aroma that makes the house smell so cozy!

The kids had a blast moving all of the ornaments from one tree to another and we pulled out the colorful ones for our oldie tree in the dining room. I only moved the ornaments because the real tree is so much more full! I call her big mama because she's short and stout and mama tree can hold way more ornaments than frumpy so she won that battle. Although, the kids tree is going to be oh so cute with all the colors & ornaments down low ;)

Also our real tree has a bunch of special ornaments on it like the two I made with both of Vivian and Finn's hospital bracelets & hats when they were first born as well as some of the first ornaments V picked out. She picked out a donut that's also one of my favorites and tries to lick the icing off of it, haha. Finn is most definitely a fan of the colored lights and Viv calls that one the "rainbow" tree. It's all about making memories so it's so fun to give them the best of both worlds with different trees! I think from here on out a real tree will be a must though!

Which tree do you guys prefer for your home? Hope you're all having a festive first December weekend!