Yesterday we had so much fun at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll! I just recently found out about it so I knew we would all enjoy it once we could find a day to go as a family. It's not too far from our house and made for an awesome Sunday Funday to let the kids run some energy out. It's one of those aquariums that's not so big that it takes all day, although it was really nice and offered plenty of cool fish and sea life to see.

We went a little after lunch time and it wasn't crowded at all. The less crowded the better with these two wild ones ;) There was a really cool waterfall in the entrance that both of the kids were astounded at. I don't think Finn could really grasp what it was and Vivi was just in awe, haha. They had all kind of cool fish, jellyfish, sharks, and even snakes. Vivian loved touching the sting rays and Finn was more into the big bass fish tank & the kids play area that had these big foam sea themed shapes and animals that he'd pick up like a weight lifter and pile into big piles. Sounds about right doesn't right?

After we saw everything, or I should say when the kids started to get really cranky, we headed to the gift shop because it's just become a thing now that every new place we go like the zoo, theme park, etc. we get the kids something. Vivian had been talking all day when I asked what she was most excited to see, a rainbow fish and low and behold they had a rainbow fish in the gift shop so that's what she chose. Finn is handful and will either do 1 of 2 things in a store: run, run and run or pull everything off the shelf. He was in run mode this time so we grabbed a super cute scuba steve - exactly like the one from the movie Big Daddy, haha and he loved it!

I remember heading to the car and Vivian telling Chase and I "Mommy, I just want to "lax" (relax) - I just want to lax on the grass. We couldn't stop laughing. 3 year old language is definitely my favorite right now. About 5 minutes after leaving, both the kids were out and napping and we spotted two of my favorite men, Ben & Jerry! I've never been to an actual Ben & Jerry's store so that was exciting and I mean, cheers to not having to share your ice cream! ;) It was a super fun day that got us out of the house for a few hours. Have I mentioned how much I love family fun days? ;) Hope you all have a fabulous week!