Happy Sunday lovies! Lately our life has been quite the whirlwind which I'll go into more detail later about but with that said, I really needed a break yesterday. A day where if I just had 5 minutes to myself, I would feel ready to accomplish the day. I guess Chase already had that instict and first thing yesterday morning told me, go get ready, go get dressed, I want you to go to all of your favorite places while I watch the kids and take care of some house chores for you. You guys know I didn't hesitiate on that because this NEVER happens. Seriously, it doesn't. I really don't get a break unless we have family come in to town. You guys know, I LOVE my kids more than anything in this world but I firmly believe every parent needs a day, whether it be an hour, half the day, or even over night to go out with friends, have a solo day, whatever it is to recharge and regroup.
So I am so thankful that Chase wanted to do that for me so I could have a mom's day out.

I have to say I was so tempted to just go grab a greasy cheeseburger, the biggest milkshake I could get, and take a nap in the car for a few hours, haha. Can you imagine seeing someone like that passed out in their car drooling with the burger in one hand and shake in the other? Haha #momlife. Anyway, a nap was very tempting to say the least but I thought I'd do a little shopping and browsing because I didn't have to worry about who needed a snack, what color playdough I needed to feed a baby alive, or tell someone "no" while they try and pull every shoe and shirt off the rack. I won't name any names ;)

The first stop I made was at Old Navy, it's been a favorite of ours for forever. All the way back to the cringe worthy 4th of July shirts ... thanks mom. Who else had those every year? Haha but it really is one of our go to stores for the whole family and I'm sure all of you already know the affordability and quality is excellent. They have started to bring out some summerish tops & dresses (which include so many cute things!) but the real jackpot was the insane amount of clothing on clearance! I don't know how you guys feel, but anytime I score something on clearance that isn't junk, it makes my day. I racked up on shirts for Chase for $3-$7 and shirts and pj's for me for only $5 - $15! They're also doing the Old Navy Cash right now so I scored one of those. If you follow my snap (@leasims1), you may have seen several outfits that I was loving! A few of those I've included down below, but I HAD to share this with you guys! 

So if you're on a budget and really just want something new, or if you're needing a complete new wardrobe, go by Old Navy now! What's your favorite way to spend the day when you don't have your littles? Happy shopping!