It's the first PopSugar Must Have Box of 2017 you guys! There are some awesome products in this month's box, but when is there not? The January box is all about feeling renewed and refreshed! If you're new here and aren't familiar with these PopSugar Must Have Boxes, they're monthly subscription boxes for $39.95 each. They're curated each month with about 7 different products from home, beauty, lifestyle, etc. These are my favorite subscription boxes by far because the products are always great quality, the brands are awesome, &
they're products that you will actually use. They're not junk or things that will end up thrown away. You can check out previous PopSugar Must Have Boxes here: December 2016, November 2016, October 2016.

In the January Box we've got so many goodies to kick off the new year! Here's a little run down:

1. GOLDFADEN MD Fresh A Peel Acid Resurfacing Peel (Retail $85) - I used this the other day after I cleansed my face. I didn't know really what to expect other than it might burn - it actually didn't burn just tingled and then once you rinse it with cool water, it was so refreshing! I'll keep using it and keep you all updated on how I like it!

2. MAY DESIGNS Desk Calendar & Notecard (Retail $25) - Talk about a cute way to dress up your desk! These are such cute desk calendar cards that turn into note cards! I love the different prints for each month, the acrylic stand is super chic & that you get more than one use out of it! I've already wrote a grocery list on January's, ha!

3. DAILY CONCEPTS Your Hair Wrap Towel (Retail $18) - Who has one of these already!? I didn't before now and I don't know why I never bought one. I love it because nobody else can take my towel let's be real. It also has a button and hook for closure to keep it super secure on your head and is made with special microfibers that help reduce flyaways and cut your blow dry time. WIN.

4. MANDUCKA eQua Mat Towel in Playa (Retail $38) - Although I haven't used it yet, there are so many options on where to use this! From working out, yoga, hiking and even swimming. It's absorbent, quick drying, & slip resistant! It also feels exactly like suede!

5. SOURCEBOOKS, INC. Instant Happy Notes (Retail $8.99) - These will make anyone's day. I love these because it's so rare for people to leave "happy notes" anymore - usually it's just a text but I feel like these go the extra mile. I left a few on V's vanity mirror and she loved it, I snuck one on the door before Chase left for work one morning and Finn just likes them because they stick to him, ha!

6. DEAN & DELUCA Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea (Retail $10.75) - During the winter months it's no secret that coughs and colds sneak their way around the house from person to person around here. One of the best go to's is tea - whether it be lemon & honey or this peppermint. First when you even open the can it is so fragrant and soothing! This will definitely be comforting for those sick nights or just a night time calm down.

7. GLADE N3 Free Coconut and Beach Woods Candle (Retail $4.99) - If you follow me on snap (@leasims) I mentioned that I could smell something really good when I first opened the box and this was it! This scent is SO good. It's a soy candle which I love and smells sweet and woody! I burned it the day we got it and it made the entire house smell ahhhmazingg.

What do you guys think of the first PopSugar Must Have Box of the year?! Isn't it so great?! Such a refreshing - literally - box to start 2017 out with. This box's value this month is $190!!! That is incredible! You only pay $39.95 a month for these babies so that is quite the steal. PopSugar was so kind to even give my readers an extra $5 off their FIRST must have box using the code "SHOP5" so if you're interested in these Must Have Boxes - you must have them! You will love them just as much as I do, I promise!

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

This post is sponsored by PopSugar.