Let's just pretend it's Thursday for a moment in a post today I'm calling "TBT". I came across these fair pictures this past weekend and couldn't believe I forgot to upload them! While we were home transitioning in our move, I was so excited to be able to take the kids to the Mississippi State Fair and they had a blast! I have memories with my mom taking me, filling our bellies with all the fried funnel cakes that we later regretted (kind of) and wasting our money away on those stupid games just to win a flimsy dolphin with stuffing coming out of the side. Regardless, it's all about the memories & having a good time which is exactly what we did!

Finn of course didn't ride too much other than the carousel but I was very surprised with Vivian. She rode a couple with me but she rode all by herself for the first time in the cars that go round and round. Totally freaking out I was waiting on a meltdown and ready to tell the guy running it to stop because my child was terrified but she loved it! Not going to lie, my mama heart broke a little as I heard one of the attachment cords snap ;) We were all really proud of her though!

My dad let Finn try his first fried Oreo, my inner health nut was cringing, but of course he ate as many as he could fit in his mouth. I mean, who turns down oreos? We all also tried a fried milky way, which doesn't even sound good to begin with but when at the fair you just kind of have to ... it was gross. Like soggy and melty kind of nasty. So if you're curious, I'd pass ;)

Chase and I though also had a blast just being able to ride a few rides by ourselves and feel like we were 18 again and no cares in the world. We all had so much fun and I loved being able to have my parents share the excitement and fun with us too! The kids also really enjoyed the petting zoo, the goats were a hit! (see photo above, ha!) They even had a monkey that Viv got to hold and take a photo with, but Finn missed out because he just couldn't hang anymore by the time we got to that point. Needless to say we were all drained once we left but we can't wait to go again in the fall! Happy February 1st!