Hi friends! I hope you're all having a fabulous week! I wanted to dedicate todays post to two very special companies that have quickly become very near and dear to my heart. Let me introduce to you guys HAS HEART & Design Design. Has Heart is a non-profit organization utilizing the power of art, design, & fashion to bridge the gap between the military, creative, & civilian worlds. Design Design has collaborated with HAS HEART to create 18 cards created by designers that have collaborated with wounded U.S. Veterans. These cards share these veterans stories while also illustrating their stories into art. As a military spouse, I know how important it is for active duty and veterans to have an outlet that is therapeutic so these cards really build a bridge in better understanding the men and women who have served this country in such a unique way. 

The line of 18 greeting cards are meant to inspire and are a reminder that life itself is a celebration. The cards feature a unique design front and on the back share the amazing story of each veteran who inspired each design with their name, branch of service and the artist. Their stories are heartfelt, overcoming, and some left me pondering on why I dwell on such little and unimportant things when things could be much worse. My favorite I think is the "Best Damn Lemonade". Kathy's story has got to be one of the most inspirational stories I've heard. The cards range from every category to birthday, thinking of you, get well soon, and some are blank for you to personalize yourself. Take a look and you'll see why these cards come with a lot of hope and a lot of meaning. I can't wait to send some of these out soon to friends and family to share these veterans stories with while wishing them the best on whatever occasion they may be celebrating or going through. I hope these cards inspire you as much as they have me and to live each day to the fullest! Count your blessings & focus on the positive my friends! You have so many reasons to be happy! You can shop these cards and more, here.

To shop these cards and more, click here!

Have a blessed day, y'all! 

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