Ok y'all, let's just go ahead and put this out there incase you're new here - you should know my love for Target runs deeeeeeeppppp. Like if my husband asked me to take a day for myself and go to all of my favorite places - I'd go to every department in Target. If I'm having a bad day, take me to Target. The dollar spot might make me spend $20, I will probably pick up my favorite iced chai from Starbucks and slowly sip it as I stroll the isles even slower, and debate whether or not I really need to redo a room in the house because they just put new stuff out... I mean you get my drift because we've all been there ;)

I went about two weeks ago by myself (all of you moms know this = a vacation), and spotted all of their new spring clothing they were putting out and GIRL. You guys know I can't deal already, but I really can't deal this time. The rompers, the prints, the flowy tops ... even the sandals and wedges. SO DAMN GOOD.

I picked up this romper because if you should another thing about me, rompers are such a go to for me. I feel like they compliment my shape & they're the easiest thing to style without much effort at all! Especially in the Spring and Summer, I'm all for a good breezy romper! Initially this one caught my eye because of the blank and white but I love the details on the bottom of the shorts, where it buttons at the chest, & the fitted wrists while the arms are a bit loose. It is SO comfortable. I love this for beach days, running errands, or even a lunch with some girlfriends! I've linked it along with a ton of my other favorite rompers from Target! Happy weekend babes!

LV Neverfull