I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! I won't lie, ours was a bit crazy. Last week we took the kids to a trampoline park here, we've been before and they had a blast, but while there within the first 10 minutes of us getting there, Vivian landed funny and we later learned after a trip to the ER she actually fractured her tibia. On Friday, she got her pink cast and Chase and I also celebrated our 5 year anniversary! My mom also came down so that Chase and I could spend a day together just the two of us and have some actual adult time which was so nice after a crazy week. Of course the kids loved having Mimi all to themselves too ;) Also this weekend, Chase's parents visited to see Viv's leg and hang out with both her and Finn and see our new place! Amongst all of that, we also found a little time while the kids were napping to shoot some new content for the blog which I am so so excited to share with you! I'm also working on something new I want to incorporate here on the blog that I can't wait to get your feedback on, I think you all will really enjoy it! For today though, I'll leave you guys with this easy breezy striped jumpsuit. As I weaved my way through the racks at Target, this one caught my eye and I love that it's more of a culotte jumpsuit WITH slits! It is so comfortable and great for the warmer weather.

I've worn it with wedges for a dressier look but chose these darling pom pom sandals, also from Target, to go with it! This has been my go to outfit for running errands - I adore it! Shop this look down below where I've linked everything - including a few other favorite culotte jumpers too! Hope you all are staying dry in this droopy weather! Love you guys!

Pom Pom Sandals