Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great weekend and hope that the start to your week hasn't been too rough! Over here the weather has been sooo warm I could swear it's Summer starting to peek in! I think a few times even over the weekend Chase and I looked at each other and both asked, "why is it so hot all of a sudden!?" But hey, we'll take it! With that being said most of our days have been spent out in the sunshine doing all sorts of fun things! Right now the kids have been loving the water sprinkler, sidewalk chalk and a water slide! We've been loving extra trips to the park and making flower bracelets with the flowers V has been picking! Did anyone else do that as a kid? So cute! I wanted to share the sprinkler and a bunch of other fun stuff that will have your kids worn out and going to bed on time, you'll be able to have a glass of wine out on the patio ;) Have a great week and let me know your favorite toys for the summer!

Bubble WandSprinklerKite + Sand Toys + Water Table + Neon Chalk + Fairy Garden + Jumping Ball + Roller Coaster