June 22, 2017

Hello friends! It's a wet and rainy Thursday here in Alabama from the tropical storm coming in so hopefully if you're in the south too you're staying safe and dry! I've had a bit of a social media break due to some things that I'd thought I'd share because with them I've learned a few things. First I will say every obstacle we face in our lives there's a reason or something we can take away from that that will help us grow, open our eyes to the things that are really important, etc.

Also a week ago, last Thursday, I got a call from Chase saying he was on his way to grab lunch from work when he was t-boned, went airborne and smashed into a pole. All I knew from the initial phone call was he had been in an accident and was being taken in an ambulance to the hospital.  Needless to say, he is doing ok and only suffered a headache and pretty bad burn from the airbag on his arm but we are just so thankful that he wasn't severely harmed. On another note, his car is completely totaled so we are on the hunt for a new vehicle!

Let me just say before moving forward, that God is so good. I think we can all agree that sometimes it can be difficult to understand things, wonder why things happen the way they do, etc. but He is really so good. I will tell you that in moments like this, if you listen close you will hear Him. That happened this weekend. Chase and I had been worried about having 3 car payments if our insurance didn't completely pay our loan off for the car. We got a call they valued the car for more than what the loan is for, they are paying it completely off and paying us the difference from what they valued it for. INSANE right?! I'm telling you, pray bold prayers. ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE.

We celebrated Finn's 2nd birthday on this past Friday and I still can't believe he's two now! We had his party on Saturday and had all of our family over to help us celebrate his special day! Finn is our wild child, but oh so sweet. A few of his favorite things consist of Cars, grilled cheese, chocolate, bubbles, and anything with water (pool, water tables, puddles). We are so blessed to call him ours and are loving seeing his personality blossoms as he gets older. I have a post coming with his party details + a video!!

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day and really had kind of a relaxing day because things just got really crazy really fast. Needless to say, this week is busy with car shopping, a few appointments and Vivian will hopefully get her cast off tomorrow! I don't even know if I touched on that but she fractured her tibia on a trampoline almost a month ago. We are counting the days until we can swim again! I honestly think I may want it off more than she does, ha!

Really though, I've learned this week that a car is just a car. Some things just don't matter and it was a nice break to regroup, set new goals, go after what I really want for our family, myself, and care a little less about what other people think. Set boundaries, do what makes you happy. It's always kind of a wake up call when something happens that could have been much worse. It just opened my eyes to asking myself, "Am I really going after what I want for my life? For our family? Are my goals big enough? Am I stepping out of my box enough and doing things that could be uncomfortable yet so rewarding?"

I hope you ask yourself these questions because we are all here to be outstanding. To do great things, to encourage someone, inspire someone. If you're feeling afraid to start a blog, start a YouTube channel, apply for that job, whatever it is, push yourself. Just do it. I believe in you. I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week and thank you all so much for sticking with me and following along. Your support never goes unnoticed.

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