Finn's 2nd Birthday Party!

Happy Monday you guys! Over the weekend I realized I hadn't shared Finn's 2nd Birthday party pictures! I actually had taken a video for that day that I hoped would be edited so that I could include it in this blog post but the summer months are birthdays galore for us since Chase, myself, Finn and Vivian's are all about 2/3 weeks apart! His party consisted of one of his favorite things, Cars! And for the record, who else gets excited over the party planning but once the initial set up of it begins it's just a stressed mess? Haha, tried to be a Pinterest win mom with the cards for every food item and the whole shebang which you'll soon see in Vivian's we kept it much more simple! We had a blast though and loved having our family there to celebrate with us!

Favorites: We celebrated our favorite boy with one of his favorite thing at the moment - Cars! Some of his other favorites right now are pulling off his pants and diaper and running around the house naked chuckling, kicking and splashing in the swimming pool, or really anything and everything that has to do with water. Racing his trucks and cars on the wall, floor, over my head, and it's guaranteed he will have a car with him at all times, no matter where we go. And if he had to choose just one, I'm certain he would Lightening McQueen.

Eats: He loves pretzel rods and has to have two in each hand when he eats one, also pretzel chips but only the honey mustard kind, he loves just about all fruit, he will tear through taquitos and would eat chocolate all day if you let him. Also, don't count on eating of your Chick Fil A fries, he will destroy those and every crumb left. He likes to eat the tiny cubed ice after he finishes a drink, and will done with a Panera Bread grilled cheese in 0.5 seconds too. He's definitely got the appetite of a teenage boy if you couldn't already tell ;)

Says: Still working on a lot of words and still much of what he says is babble but I swear it gets better each day. Right now his big thing I'm not ashamed or embarrassed to say that we have had him in speech for about 2 months now and the difference from when we first started is incredible. If you'd like me to do a blog post on that, I'd be happy to share our experience and a sort of what you can expect if you will. Trust me, I know first hand that it can initially be an intimidating and scary thing, but it's really not!

We are so proud of our little man and can't believe how fast he is growing. You are such a blessing Finn man and we had such an amazing time celebrating you on your special day! Happy Birthday baby!