Well hello again everyone! I'm coming at you today from some sunny weather for a change! It has rained so much here the past few days which left me coming up with new ways to entertain the kids. For the record, blanket forts will always get an A+ for entertainment, haha.

For today's post I've paired one of my favorite tunics that actually used to be a dress but is now more of a oversized flowy top (thanks mom if you're reading this for drying it, haha!) but I still love it. I got these leather shorts awhile back and they've always been a great staple piece. Y'all I just cannot shy away from black. If someone told me to wear something without black in it, it would be really hard, haha. Is anyone else like that? Like you don't wear a certain color, or are prone to one? What is yours?? I'm interested to know! Also, just scored these wedges on clearance from Target for $11!!! $11 you guys!! So if you're out and about, check your local store for this steal! All of these pieces are a bit older and no longer available but the good news is is there's even better versions available now that I've linked below for you :)

Did you notice the new makeover the blog got? If there's ever something you're looking for, check the new added "shop" section where I'll be adding my favorites for Girls, Boys, Womens & House and Home. Let me know how you like the update and what color you're prone to or won't wear! Love y'all and thank you for following along as always!