Have y'all ever had those moments where you needed a getaway, no matter how near or far, just to have a refresher? That's exactly what our 4th of July weekend was and we are so happy we decided at the last minute to head out to my parents in Mississippi and surprise them with a few days of fun! We decided to leave Friday when Chase got off from work and didn't tell my mom and left her thinking Chase had to work on Monday. Let's just say she was so surprised and so happy! And our pups too who we have missed so much!

Saturday we had a girls day and went shopping while the guys hung out and the kids swam pretty much all day long! On the way back to my moms house, we stopped at one of my favorite places in Vicksburg, The Tomato Place, for a smoothie! If you're ever in the area, you've got to stop and get one. They're soooo yummy! Their "4th of July" smoothie was so fitting for obvious reasons ;)

My dad grilled out and we all stayed up past our bedtime joking, watching shows & forgetting just how bad Mississippi mosquitos are! The kids and I all got a few good bites which now has me questioning what the best bug repellent is? We've slowly been making the change since Vivian was born for making more healthier lifestyle options and I've heard a lot of great things about the newest Young Living Bug Repellent. If you have any experience with it, I'd love to hear what you think about it!

Sunday and Monday we all kind of did the same thing over, the kids swam for most of the day, ran through the sprinkler 100+ times, enjoyed plenty of time with our pups, Chase helped my dad with a project in the house, the kdis picked a few veggies from my parents garden that were later used in stuffed peppers for dinner that was super yummy, and we made a visit to a few other of our favorite local spots.

Tuesday we headed out but spent the morning taking a few festive photos for the 4th, the kids nibbled down Gpop's grilled hot dogs & once we got back to our house, we took the kids down to our pool and enjoyed the rest of day lounging and unpacking. We really did have such a great weekend and to top it off, Chase finally got a new car, or truck to be exact that we're all really excited about! I hope you all are recovering well from the long weekend and have a great & short rest of your week!