Vivian's First Day Of Pre-K + Q&A

It's the big day y'all! My baby girl is off to her first day of Pre-K and I'm beside myself that she's old enough for this big girl school thing! We both cried this morning. I still am but I am so proud and excited for her. I cannot wait to see her blossom even more through the year, make friends, but I'm most excited to hear about her day when I pick her up! I'm convinced today will be the longest day ever but I am also thankful for a little one on one time with Finn too! He will start tomorrow and go twice a week with her and I will have no babes with me for a few hours so it's so weird to think about but I'm also excited to put some more time into the blog! I thought I'd share a little Q&A I did with V and want to make it a tradition for her and Finn both to answer these throughout the school years and share them to see how much things change. And laugh about when they're teenagers. I love them both so much. Do you guys have any special first day traditions you always do? I'd love to know! Cheers to a great school year for all of our babes!

I am: 4 years old

My Teacher is: Mrs. Lauren

I love: Maybe blocks, that's it! (She left out popsicles, stickers, surprise bags, and birthday cake oreos, haha!)

I want to be: Maybe Elsa

My favorite color is: Pink!

My favorite animal is: Giraffe

My favorite food is: Macaroni

My favorite movie is: Smurfs

What are you most excited for at school? Play-doh