Fall Finds For The Home

Happy Monday you guys! I hope you all are enjoying this Labor Day weekend and hopefully you have the day off today! My mom surprised me on Friday by coming into town and staying a few days this weekend and we had so much fun! I mean we always do, and always say the time goes so fast but we did some Fall decor shopping and found a lot of really cute things so it got me thinking, how many of you have already brought out at least one pumpkin? I'm always tempted to and probably will before the month of October but this is seriously my most favorite time of the year so why not!? If you've already taken the plunge and put out a pumpkin (or five), let me know in the comments so I know I'm not the only crazy one, haha!

My mom and I racked up at Home Goods with so many cute things, we both ended up getting a few decor pumpkins, a pom pom runner, plus a few other goodies. Y'all already know one of our stops included Target but the one closest to our house hadn't gotten anything out yet except for the $1 spot and I'll just say if you haven't ventured to Target yet, go! So many affordable decor options even if you're looking for more Halloween things! They're also starting to trickle in little Halloween happies so I got both of the kids Halloween slime in a tube which I'm sure I'll end up regretting when I'm picking it out of their clothes. Anyway, I've rounded up a few of my other Fall favorites I don't think you can go wrong with! Let me know you're favorites and don't forget to let me know if you've snuck a pumpkin out already! I hope you all have a great rest of your day!